Astro Turf

With commencement on the construction of Astro Turf at the Ball Wall due to begin in the coming days, the club will begin collecting tickets which were distributed before the Christmas Break.

By now each household will have gotten the opportunity to purchase a National Cub Draw ticket run by the GAA, with full profit remaining within the club to aid in the new construction.

All those who received books of tickets to sell are asked to please return to either Dominic Everard (Development Committee) or Mark Dunne (PRO) in the coming days. Please note it is very important that the stubs be returned as these must be logged online for a chance to win in the draw.

Finally, on behalf of the Senior, Juvenile and Ladies Football Club we would like to sincerely thank all those who have sold and bought tickets over the past few weeks. This new development will look to aid all areas of the club and provide a year-round training facility for the club.

Mark Dunne (PRO)