Draw the Joker

How it works? 53 cards are placed on a board the joker is one of them. Tickets are placed in a drum and one ticket is drawn out. Then a number is drawn and the card that corresponds is turned over. If it’s the joker they win the jackpot if not any other card wins €100. Next week it will be 52 cards and the week after 51 . The money has to be won if it goes down to the last two weeks with only two cards on the board and the Jackpot around €8000 the fun will begin .Of course it could be won in the first week or any other week . If you are not in you can’t win

Tickets can be bought at any of the pubs in the parish or Guilfoyles shop in Templetuohy and also at Bingo. Tickets can also be bought from any member of the Ladies, Juvenile or Senior Club. €2 for one or 3 for a €5. You can also pay €100 for the year.

Check out the results here

Jackpot Winners:

Well done to:

John Lanigan, Lisdaleen who won our first jackpot of €7,200.

Fiona Butler who won our second jackpot of €3,000.

Tommy Phelan who won our third jackpot of €3,200

Martin Flynn who won our fourth jackpot of €6,300

David Collins who won our fifth jackpot of €5,600

Tom Everard who won our sixth jackpot of €3,900

Dermot Campion who won our seventh jackpot of €3,200

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